Before We Were Free by Julia Alvarez - a 7th Grade ELA Task


Vine Video Rebel Message

What if you could make a difference?
What if you could save a life?

Your group has found a way to hack into the local TV station to deliver a 6 second message.It will loop over and over again until the "authorities" can stop it.

Are you a rebel and a freedom fighter?

This message should be either exposing what wrong doings you have observed or to give a passionate appeal for help. Brainstorm, plan, and storyboard how you will convey this message. Think of visual ideas that will be intriguing & convincing. Stop action animation could also be a creative choice. REHEARSE!

Are you a spy?
Create a hidden message in the 6 second video that asks for help or relates secret information. Must relate to the book. Hint: Stop action animation would work well for this! Think of visual ideas that will be intriguing & convincing.

Tech Tips: Remember, every time you touch the Vine button, it stops then starts the action. 3 clips of 3 seconds of action works the best. Expect to film this at least 3 times before you get the final one! Don’t forget to add the hashtag #BeforeWeWereFree to the description!

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