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Chinese Culture Influences on America Project

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Chinese Influence on American culture (from Wikipedia)

"Some of the noteworthy Chinese contributions include building Western half of the Transcontinental railroad and levees in the Sacramento River Delta; the popularization of Chinese American food; technological innovation and entrepreneurship; and the introduction of Chinese and East Asian culture to America, such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Kung fu.
Chinese immigrants to the United States brought many of their ideas, ideals and values with them. Some of these have continued to influence later generations. Among them is Confucian respect for elders and filial piety. In most American cities with Chinese populations, the new year is celebrated with cultural festivals and parties. In Seattle, the Chinese Culture and Arts Festival is held every year. Other important festivals include the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival."

Chinese American Culture (How Chinese immigrants have influenced American culture)

Chinese Cuisine in the United States (first half of the article talks about the influence Chinese restaurants have had on America)

China's influence in US rising, says US expert (an overview of many areas where Chinese culture has influenced America)

Cool Tat, Too Bad It's Gibberish(An article about Americans getting Chinese characters as tatoos but not understanding their meaning)

Introduction to Inventions:

"The ancient Chinese invented many things we use today, including paper, silk, matches, wheelbarrows, gunpowder, the decimal system, the waterwheel, the sundial, astronomy, porcelain china, lacquer paint, pottery wheel, fireworks, paper money, compass, tangrams, seismograph, medicines, dominoes, jump rope, kites, tea ceremony, folding umbrella, ink, calligraphy, animal harness, playing cards, printing, abacus, wallpaper, the crossbow, ice cream, and more..."
Four Great Inventions of Ancient China
Inventors and Inventions from China and Taiwan
Chinese Inventions: Silk and so much more!
Silk: Inventions
Sirs Discoverer
Balloons, Parachutes & More -CALLIOPE Feb. 2007, Vol. 17, No. 6, p. 40

Gale Student Resources Junior

The Fab 4:Chinese inventions that rocked the world.
Appleseeds 10.5 (Jan 2008): p24(4).

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