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The Power of the Product: Creative, Meaningful,

& Daring Ways to Demonstrate Information Mastery

Inspired by our #EduCon Preso this #EngChat Conversation will feature:
Gwyneth Jones, Elizabeth Singleton,
This conversation will hopefully generate a wealth of viable, creative, and do able ideas to transform learning.
The Power of Choice - Ban the Book Report Teachers must strive to provide time, technology, materials, and makerspace
to let students create meaningful products that demonstrate information mastery. Alow students to go beyond the regular research report, and span the digital divide.

The products of this conversation, the collected tweets & corkboardme additions will generate layers of sharing, producing, and value.

**Article: 5 Ways to Fix Book Reports**

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Fakebook_-_2.jpg Meets the Greek Gods - 7th Grade Mythology Research

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12 Alternatives To The Traditional Book Report

Posted on TeachBytes 01.07.13Aditi Rao
external image book_report1.jpg?w=158&h=172"Book report project assignment: read a book, summarize the book’s plot and major themes, write a paper, and present it to your classmates. Rinse and repeat.
Traditional book reports have been a staple of English classrooms for years. They can be valuable ways of assessing student skills like summarizing and synthesis. In fact, a book report was my first homework assignment in America when I moved here in the third grade. Of course, after years of the same assignment, the novelty quickly wore off and I started dreading the review process. So, now that I find myself in the position of assigning book reports, I figured it would be worthwhile to investigate other options. Thanks to technology, there are lots of alternatives!"
Check out these 12 alternatives to the traditional book report:
  1. Create a movie trailer for the book using Animoto
  2. Depict an alternate ending for the book using Xtranormal
  3. Create a word cloud featuring important themes and motifs in the novel using Wordle
  4. Create a comic strip summary of the novel using Pixton
  5. Create a playlist for the novel using Grooveshark and explain the song choices
  6. Create a 3D model of an important building or location in the novel using Google Sketchup
  7. Create a web diagram of character relationships using Text2MindMap
  8. Create a fake Facebook profile for one of the main characters using Fakebook
  9. Create a Pinterest board summary for the novel and pin relevant images, links and videos
  10. Create and post to a blog in the persona of one of the main characters using Blogger
  11. Create trading cards for main characters using ReadWriteThink’s Trading Card Generator
  12. Create a fake text message conversation between the main characters using iFakeText

Crowdsourced Preso from EduCon with Neat Ideas!

My Starter Tweets:
Livescribe Pencast book reviews - Engaging new tech! #engchat #tlchat #nwp

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Wikipedia is not Wicked - Teach kids about Authority #engchat #tlchat #edchat #nwp

Publish Online student book reviews - Using Google forms @wikispaces #engchat #tlchat #edchat #nwp

Transliteracy! Multi-media: iMovie, podcast, animation, storyboard, or PSA #engchat #tlchat #nwp

Friend Me on! Fictional Social Media Conversations #engchat #tlchat #nwp

Colbert Does it! Consider Retelling Plot (with added or parallel elements) or parody #engchat #tlchat #nwp

Check the Google Doc for formative/summative Assessment examples Cool stuff! via @LiamDunphy

Poetry slam days - Rap a book Report - bring in the beats & give kids 10 min to write it out - instant performing & grading on fly! #engchat

I'll take Potent Plots for 400 Alex! Even simple Jeopardy PPT can engage kids & test readership!

Blabberize Book Reviews! Ask Justin Beieber about his overdue books! #engchat

Musings & Resources:
Buzz words: reflective learner, authentic assessment, transliteracy

From my Sunday newspaper:

“'Davy and Daryl are learning about the world in a way few children do,' John says. They’re making change in foreign currencies, sampling local delicacies, and gaining a deeper understanding of humanity. Neither boy spoke a word of Spanish before they set out, but their language skills are more than up to speed now. And what geography text could do justice to waking and going to sleep in 24 hours of daylight on the Arctic tundra or seeing a volcano erupt in Ecuador?"

So...take kids to Mexican restaurant, have them order, etc. only using Spanish. Or Skype with Spanish-speaking students. Authentic assessment?

Buhler Legacy Project
"After reading the book 'Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs' we began a journey in our own community. We set out to find out what kind of wonders exist in Buhler, Kansas. During the project students began to investigate the Buhler community to find the treasures (wonders) that are a part of their everyday life. Students were encouraged to look at all aspects of our community as Eben did in the book. Students used the interview process and investigated sites, people and ideas in town to develop a list of possible wonders in Buhler. During this two year project students used a variety of technology tools to gather, process and record information about Buhler's past, present and future."
Product: Legacy Wiki

Kagan Structures Project
"Students in Angie Carter's 5th grade at Clark Elementary reviewed the Kagan Structures and text features they had been using in their classrooms to create useful activities for their schoolmates. Using images they selected from a variety of sources around the school, students created Kagan activities and compiled them together to make a book for the teachers to use in their classrooms as a way to review text features with their students. As a follow up activity and a great assessment review, students went to those classroom teachers' classes to complete a Kagan activity with their class."
Product: Book and PP; Students as experts & teachers

Welcome to Our School
"During this project students were asked to create a welcome video for their school. Students wrote interview questions, interviewed staff, and created the video using Movie Maker. Both English and Spanish versions were created."
Product: Welcome videos
*no samples provided

The Story of Our Evolution
Student YouTube video explaining human evolution (from Kim Cofino's Projects)
Product: Video

Community Services Consortium: Cemetery Project
Students clear and map neglected gravesites.
Product: Public service/cemetery conservation; archival information

The Egg-Drop Experiment: A Hands-On Investigative Activity
"The Classic "Egg-Drop" experiment has been a standard in science instruction for many years. Essentially, students are asked to construct some type of container that will keep a raw egg from cracking when dropped from ever-increasing elevations...With this activity, students will gain the ability to design a product (a container), evaluate the product, and communicate the process of design modification."
Product: experimental container; video

The Egg Drop Experiment

Wolves Lair
The Wolves' Lair is a range of resources for New Zealand students to gain an appreciation of, and practical experience in, preparing and pitching a business idea.
Product: Business plan, prototype product; possibility of actual business funding

MAHS Viking Boat Project
"This unique hands-on, interdisciplinary project got its start in the fall of 1995 when one of my eighth grade students brought in a picture of a Viking ship built by Danish boy scouts. After various inquires, we found Arne Emil Christensen at The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway who was willing to help. He and the museum supplied us with plans of a 21 foot boat that was found with the Gokstad Ship...Our goal for this project is to successfully replicate the 21 foot boat, sail it on a local lake with a crew of four and donate it to a museum."
Product: Working model of a Viking ship

Kylemonkey Builds a Go-Kart
Shorter version
"This project was done for a graduating grade at my high school. the grade on it was a 98% and i got a 95 on my speech (which was 12 minutes long.) this was the video i showed during my presentation."
Product: A Go-Kart
*Read the update from 11/01/07:
" I found this project to be a big dissapointment to my highschool career. its honestly one of my biggest accomplishments i will ever complete in my lifetime, and i was not accredited properly... put more effort into this than most of thie kids didn on theirs in the 3000 student school. and the schools system wasnt professional enough to even notice my project. even though i felt like it was a horrible waste of time when i didnt get any awards, its still an accomplishment for me."

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Ironforge - 3D Multimedia student project v=noTXM91Dmk0 project-weather-balloon-makes- it-to-space/

http://b-7bobcats.wikispaces. com/Moby

"Discovering on their own" - p.2! docs/ca_2010_winter_ discoveries/2?mode=a_p digital-storytelling-with- animoto-my-teachmeet- presentation/ 2010/05/14/students-marketing- to-students-one-use-of- animoto/ webpages/aplemmons/book_talks. cfm Features/2010-05-27__12-15-09/ Junior%2FSenior+Project+ Course+Wraps+Up+With+Student+ Presentations us/brentwood/links/gallery/ gursky/Class_proj/walking_ sticks/stick_insects.html keepers/Silverman/index.htm

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