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No Google Images - Ever!

TEACHERS Please Remember: HCPSS Students are NOT ALLOWED
to use Google Images for any project, paper, or for any reason. Ever.
It's not acceptable for high school and definitely not for college or beyond.

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Resources from:
Dr. Joyce Valenza's Copyright Friendly Image LibGuide

Flickr Creative Commons Image Searching

Flickr Blue Mountain

Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool



Pics 4 Learning

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What is Creative Commons?

Example of Flocabulary Creative Commons

Pixabay: public domain photos

Copyright Friendly Music and Sound

Kathy Schrock's Respect for Intellectual Property

Creative Commons lists several portals for searching and sharing various types of media:

Dr. Joyce Valenza's Image LibGuide

Wikipedia Commons - Images, Multimedia & Sound

WP Clipart

Open Clipart

The Library of Congress’ image collection American Memory Project Illustrated books on Project Gutenberg Creative Commons search on Flickr

(must use this specific search for “Creative Commons-licensed content for commercial use, adaptation, modification or building upon”)

//Public Domain Pictures// - Free Stock Photos

Royalty Free Image Links

By Jeff Baker

Wikipedia://Public domain image// resources

From Dr. Valenza's Lib Guide:

Library of Congress Photo Stream on Flickr

American Memory Collection


NARA (National Archives and Records Administration)

Old Pictures

(mostly government photos 1850s to 1940s)

USA.gov Photos & Images

National Archives //Presidential Libraries// and Museums

US History Image Bank

Picturing the Century

Images of American Political History

University of Texas's Portrait Gallery

NYPL Digital Gallery

(Some of the images in the Digital Gallery may be subject to third party rights such as copyright and/or rights of privacy/publicity)

Smithsonian Flickr PhotoStream

Presidential Libraries

EASE History

(includes many Federal gov't images)

Internet Archive Moving Images

National Parks Service Imagebase

American Memory Timeline for Teachers

New York Public Library Image Archives

Smithsonian Artifact and Analysis

Copyright-friendly images and sound Pathfinder

Should I Post This Image? An Infographic

Can I Use This Image?