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Photo from Flickr Creative Commons - Shapeshift
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building nature

At the new California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
The most striking architectural feature of the new Academy will be the undulating, living roof. Inspired by the natural world, the undulations will read as "hills" against the surrounding landscape. The roof will slope over interior exhibitions. The Morrison Planetarium and rainforest exhibit will be discernible from the exterior as elevations in the roofline. Planted with a variety of Northern California native plants, the roof will blend the building with the surrounding park and provide benefits to local wildlife.
The living roof will enhance the performance of the new Academy building and reduce the building's impact on the environment. Each year, the roof will prevent approximately two million gallons of rainwater from becoming storm-water runoff that carries salt, sand, soil, pesticides, fertilizers, oil, litter, and other pollutants into nearby ecosystems. The roof will provide excellent insulation, improve air quality, and require very little maintenance.
Growing A Roof
New Hills in San Francisco
Rainforest Hill
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