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6th Grade Science

Welcome to 6th Grade Science at Murray Hill Middle School. Homework assignments will be posted here in addition to in the classroom. Please check daily because announcements and additional information will also be posted here.

4/7 Homework

1) Quiz on Thursday 4/10 - review your Moon, Seasons notes in your binder

2) Phases of the Moon Diary - Checked every Friday until 5/2 - Sketch what you see as you observe the moon every day.

3/31 Homework

Quarter 4 starts today. Check Aspen for current grades.

1) Get your Weathering and Erosion test signed

2) Phases of the Moon Diary - Checked every Friday until 5/2 - Sketch what you see as you observe the moon every day.

3) Earth and Its Moon paragraph - Due Friday 4/4

3/24 Homework

Study for Weathering and Erosion test on Thursday 3/27.

3/18 Homework:

A "Rock"-ing Autobiography due Friday 3/21.

The students will write an original story that demonstrates how a rock moves through the rock cycle. They will need to include the three types of rocks (Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic) and the two intermediate steps (Magma and Sediment). Include how the conditions change to form each of these five steps. Underline the five steps and the conditions. It can be handwritten or typed.

3/11 Homework: (Periods 4, 6 and 7 only)

Students are bringing home their tests today. Please sign the test to verify that you saw it. The signature is due to me by Friday 3/14.

* Please review the test with your child so you can praise them for their success and discuss ways to focus in class and homework activities to increase their test score for the next test.

* Grades have been updated since the progress report grades were submitted. Please check your child's current grade in Aspen.

* Thank you for your support at home!

Periods 1 and 2 will get their tests back on Friday 3/14. Their parent signatures will be due on Monday 3/17.

3/6 Homework:

Study for your science test tomorrow.

* Three types of rocks

* How each type is formed

* Specific examples for each type of rock

* Rock cycle

*Please come into class with any questions you may need answered.*

2/26 Homework

Test on Monday 3/3. Study information for the three types of rocks and the rock cycle.

2/24 Homework

Rock Cycle labels - Due Friday 2/28

Test next week - Study notes for three types of rocks and rock cycle.

2/18 Homework

Crossword puzzle and Matching - Due Friday 2/21. The back of the paper is extra credit.

2/10 Homework

No homework this week

2/3 Homework

The Rock Cycle #1-8 (back of worksheet) - Due Friday 2/7

1/27 Homework

Pompeii #20 - In a short paragraph explain why people still choose to live in Pompeii. (Think about what the residents say about their home). Would you feel safe living or visiting there? Why or why not? Use information from the DVD to support your answer.

1/16 Homework

Quiz tomorrow - Plate tectonics

1/14 Homework

Describe how you would feel if you saw an active volcano. Due Thursday 1/16.

1/6 Homework

Know Your Boundaries #1-11(due Thursday 1/9. This is the back side of the Tectonic Plate Movement worksheet.

1/2/13 Homework

Please review your child's quiz and sign it to be returned tomorrow.

12/16 Homework

1) Earthly Anagrams worksheet due Thursday 12/19 (skip #2)

2) Quiz Thursday 12/19 - Earth's Layers, Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics, Plate Boundaries

12/11 Homework

Plate Tectonics class project is due at the end of the period on Friday. Work on it at home as needed.

12/2 Homework

Write a paragraph to describe how you would feel if you were Alfred Wegener defending the Theory of Continental Drift. Include specific evidence that he used. Due Friday 12/6/13.

11/18 Homework

Journey to the Center of the Earth comparison - Due Friday 11/22

Compare the facts that you learned about the interior of the Earth to the science fiction novel written in 1864. Jules Verne's characters encountered had four parts to their adventure. Describe whether each scenario is a realistic event or not.

Use this link to look at the weather forcast for the upcoming week.

11/5 Homework

1) Fronts worksheet #1-8. Back side is extra credit #1-26.

2) Quarter 2 has started - please refresh your materials: notebook paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, colored pencils.

10/28 Homework

1) Weather packet - read pages in packet and answer questions #1-3 - Due Thursday 10/31

2) Test on Wednesday 10/30 - Clouds, Weather

10/21 Homework

Sign and return Science Safety Contract. We will collect the pink copy so write hard enough to go through all layers.

10/14 Homework

Severe Weather packet - Section 3 Review #1-7 (last page of the packet) Due Thursday 10/17.

10/9 Homework

1) Cloud Essay is due on Friday 10/11.

  • We have spent the past week exploring information on different types of clouds. The students should have the two readings and their completed graphic organizer in their homework folder. They started writing their rough drafts in class yesterday and continued writing them in class today.

  • I am collecting both the essay and the graphic organizer.

  • Students can hand write or type their essay. They can print it at home, email it to me, or bring in a USB with their essay.

  • If they finish it early, they can turn it in tomorrow.

2) Cloud Journals are due on Friday 10/11. (See 9/30 for more details.)

10/3 Homework

Read the Types of Clouds (by height) paper.

Identify the clouds in the Cloud Chart.

10/2 Homework

Finish reading Combinations Clouds on the back of the Cloud paper.

Periods 4, 6 and 7 - answer questions #1-7.

9/30 Homework

Cloud Journal: Keep a daily journal for the next two weeks. (Due Friday 10/11)

  • Describe and sketch the clouds each day.

  • Describe the weather conditions for each day.

9/26 Homework

Finish the diagram and analysis questions for the Water Cycle Lab from today.

9/25/13 Notice

  1. Materials request - If you are a coffee drinker, please send in empty coffee cans. We will use them for a project in a few weeks.

  2. Thank you to all of the parents who visited us during Back to School night last night!

9/23 Homework

Weather Poster due Friday 9/27. Use 5 pictures to describe weather. The pictures can be printed, cut out of a magazine or drawn by hand. Include a caption for each picture to describe how it is related to weather.

9/19 Homework

Study your notes to prepare for the Atmosphere Quiz tomorrow.

9/18 Homework

Check your grades on Aspen. Go to and follow the link for the Family Portal (green rectangle on the right hand side). Create an account using your student ID (which can be found on your schedule). You can see the assignments and grades for all of your classes.

9/16 Homework

Terrapin Adventures permission slips were sent home with your child today. Read the pages so you can get all of the necessary information.

9/13 Homework

Everyday Observations worksheet - Due Monday 9/16.

9/6 Homework

Safety poster is due today.

No homework tonight.

Please look through your child's binder and homework folder to help them stay organized.

Please make sure your child has the following materials for class:

  • pens or pencils

  • notebook paper

  • colored pencils

  • highlighter

8/30 Homework

Safety Contract - reviewed with and signed by parent. Due Tuesday 9/3.

Safety Poster due Friday 9/6.

Note: All forms should be signed and returned to the Homeroom teacher. These forms include:

  1. Policy

  2. Technology

  3. Paper copy of the Emergency card if not completed online

  4. Lunch forms if applicable

8/29 Homework

Safety Poster due Friday 9/6.

Note: All forms should be signed and returned to the Homeroom teacher. These forms include:

  1. Policy

  2. Technology

  3. Paper copy of the Emergency card if not completed online

  4. Lunch forms if applicable

8/26/13 Homework

  1. Review your child's Agenda Book daily.

  2. Family Portal - Emergency Card - (Ask for a paper copy if you can not complete it online.)

  3. Sign and return all forms that come home with your child this week. Please make sure the child's name is printed clearly on each form.

    1. Responsible Use of Technology & Social Media Middle Agreement Form
    2. HCPSS Policies Signature page (student and parent signatures)
    3. Lunch forms

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Discovery Education

Quarter 1: Weather

Foots Forecast Winter Stormcast Zone (Best Winter Weather and Snowfall Prediction Site for Our Area)
Weather Resources
Weather Wiz Kids
Hurricane Tracking
Layers of the Atmosphere
Air Mass and Fronts

Quarter 2: Geologic Processes

U.S. Geological Survey
Plate Tectonics (Continental Drift, Sea-Floor Spreading, Plate Tectonic Theory)
Pompeii The Last Day (Including Virtual Volcanoes)

Rock Cycle Project Links
Rock Cycle
Types of Rocks
Rocks and Minerals

Quarter 3: Earth Systems

Global Warming:
Global Warming Webhunt

Quarter 4: Solar System

Kids Astronomy Planets
Planet Information
The 8 Planets

Moon Sites
Moon Phase Calendar
Moon Info
Solar Eclipses
Lunar Eclipses
Tides Animation

Sun Research Links
The Sun and Stellar Structure
Solar Space
Sun Layers
Sun Statistics
Stanford Solar Center

Solar System websites:

NASA- Solar System -
Eight Planets -
Kids Astronomy
Planetary Data- Infoplease
Nine Planets -
KidZone- Planet Facts
Science Kids- Planet Facts

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