PBIS Lesson

Who: Murray Hill Middle Students
What: Imma Be (I will be) video & activity
When/Where: November 20th during English classes
Why: Re-set students’ focus of being respectful, responsible, and ready
Note: If you have a substitute, direct him/her to see Gwyneth Jones to use a loaner laptop, which has the video downloaded.

Materials Needed: Laptop, LCD projector, screen, & labels for agendas

1. Tell students they will watch a brief video, which they will be challenged to identify the messages relayed in the video.
2. The site for the Vimeo Imma Be video
OR Download it from the MHMS Conference email Gwyneth sent on 11/16.

Imma Be from Michael Kennedy on Vimeo.

From the site: "This video was written, directed, produced, and edited by Mr. Rob Dennis from John Early Magnet Charter School in Nashville, Tennessee. Imma Be features several students from the John Early Student Body, and promotes a very positive message for meeting expectations and dreaming big!"

3. Show video to class (4:31 min.)
4. Share one expectation from video with the class (i.e. listen during class)
5. Have each student take out a sheet of paper, which they will use to record as many expectations/messages from the video as they can remember.
6. Give students 30 seconds to record answers.
7. Ask students to raise their hands if they have listed 5 things – 10 things – or more. See who has the most answers (a little friendly competition).
8. Have students share their answers, so you may list to display to the class. (3 min.)
Possible answers, but not limited, are: walking on the right side, use hall pass to travel, get good grades, use conversational tone when talking, have pants covering undergarments, sit in assigned seat, use safety in the stairwell, participate in class, get good grades, clean up after self, make future goals, choose to be smart

9. Discuss with students the correlation of expectations listed to what is expected at our school. Next, talk about areas that need improvement in your grade.
10. Talk to students about setting goals (i.e. arriving to school/class on time, improving or maintaining good grades, having all materials for class, doing homework regularly, etc.). Next, pass out labels for students to stick on the inside cover of their agenda books. Have the students write-in their answers. This goal sticker should serve as a reminder for students. (5 – 8 min.). Share (teacher) what would have been your goal when you were in middle school and allow students to share their goals.
Download the Lesson:

Download the Stickers