I remixed this awesome scavenger hunt originally created by Joyce Valenza and added a QR Code Twist! This lesson was written for my ESOL kids
but you could also use it as a Library Media orientation or re-mix the questions, QR codes, & hints for just about ANY subject area!
Download the MS Word Worksheet at the bottom of the page with the QR codes or visit my QR Code Quest Flickr Gallery for all the .jpegs
external image 5571290026_0862e42044.jpg

And the QR Code Quest Pictures of the kids in action!
The codes that the kids scan are NOT the ones on the side of the worksheet...those are just for purty! The QR Codes are on pages 2-4
View the Worksheet below - using the scroll bar -- OR
Download the QR Quest Worksheet - MS Word Doc - Creative Commons - Non-Commercial - Attribution - Share Alike - so like, please keep our names on it

For Guaranteed Results with Graphics & Fonts Download the QR Code Worksheed as a PDF


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