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Hey Kids!
This is your buddy Murray with a message about the Middle School Summer Reading List.
Click the triangle arrow thingy above my head my message, or tweet me or text me!

Download the latest Summer Reading list below to take to the Savage Branch
of the Howard County Library so you can some cool books this summer! Peace out!


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Summer Reading List


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And for other kiddos who aren't

in our school check out these lists, too!

Kindergarten – Grade 1

Grade 2 – 3

Grade 4 – 5

High School


Black Eyed Susan Nominees

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Visit the

Summer Reading List 2016!

or download the PDF!

After School Ends, Look for the Display in the Front Office!

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Summer Reading 2015! Click HERE!

Or you can pick up a Summer Reading List flier in the MHMS front office!

As always, if you would like to request a book for purchase
for the MHMS Media Center fill out this Google form!
Here's this year's Summer Reading List! Download the .PDF & check out all the great reads! A hard copy is also available in the MHMS Front Office!
Check out the HCPSS summer readings list for ALL ages & levels!

Check out our Summer Reading #VinerBookTrailers!
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2013 Summer Reading List
for Middle Schoolers!

Download the PDF

Thanks to the super Library Media Specialists of Howard County who volunteered to collaborate, create, & design the list this year!

Here's the Grownup Summer Reading List for Parents & Teachers!

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2012 Summer Reading Lists

2012 MHMS Daring School Library Blog post:

Summer Reading for Middle School Peeps
Summer Reading List for Short Fries (Grades 4-5)
Summer Reading List for Parents & Teachers

Howard County Library Media Site

with even More Summer Reading Resources!

Download FREE Bookmarks!

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2011 Summer Reading List

Summer Reading for Middle Schoolers
Summer Reading List for Short Fries (Grades 4-5)
Summer Reading List for Parents & Teachers

2010 Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List for Middle School
Summer Reading List for Short Fries (Grades 4-5)
Summer Reading List for Parents & Teachers

Hey Media Specialists! Here's a Generic Summer Reading Graphic!

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