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Paring a book review down to 140 characters and a rating really forces reviewers to get to the essential appeal or flaw of the work being reviewed --AND it's a challenge! And remember, Sweetie - No spoilers!

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How to:

To do this activity, get ready to have more than one window or tab open to do this. If you like multitasking, then this is the lesson for you!

1. Choose a YA book to review that *you have read* (non-negotiable!)
2. Go to Amazon Books and search for your book, Copy & SAVE the URL (highlight + control C)
3. Shorten the URL using Google URL shortener
4. Go to Character Counter & Paste (control + V) the shortened URL
5. Add your review Emoticon review at the very end.

In keeping with SMS Social Media culture, the four ratings are emoticons:
=D for Squee! I LOVED it!
=) for It was good - not Great!
=| for Meh...I guess it was just OK.
=( GAH! Did NOT like it a bit!

6. Write your Review in FRONT OFF the URL & Emoticon
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Count your characters as you go along to see if you are close to 140 (including the URL & emoticon review)
Cut out words that are unnecessary - re-word, re-think, re-write, re-mix, & be creative! Hints: use "&" rather than the word AND, dashes as breaks,
but try NOT to write too much in leet speak. Like "OMG, UR going to h8 this book" Informal text is fine but don't go overboard! :-O

If you want to post these Tweet reviews you can also add the hashtag #booktweet before the
emoticon review so that they can be searched..

Did you do all that and you're under 140 characters? AWEsome!

7. CUT and PASTE your Tweet review from the Character Counter and put into a Word document, save it as your first initial & last name + bookreview
EX. "GJonesBookReview" Don't forget to add your name on the top of the word doc and save to your documents folder &
if instructed to do so, turn this into your teacher via the Hand In folder (MHMS only)
OR Use our Google Doc Below to turn in your Tweet!

I'll share the Google form with your teacher & we'll either share them in the school like the example below,
paste them to my Twitter account, including @hcpss_mhms, or publish them on another wikipage! YAY! Thank you!

AWESOME Example by: Jessica Johnstonfollow her on Twitter @**edtechchic**

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Creative Commons License

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A Very Special Thanks to reading specialist & MHMS co-worker Deb Burkey! You inspired & gave me this
idea during our conversation the other day talking about the Fakebook lesson...YAY, you roc!