external image bcrab.jpgIntroduction:

In this activity you will be using several bay-related sites created by the Chesapeake Bay Program to collect information, facts, and statistics about the health and well being of Maryland's greatest resource. Use your worksheet that matches this page to write down your answers. There are some trick questions, so make sure to read the directions and information carefully. At the end you will also be playing some bay-related games and solving some puzzles. Have Fun!

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external image stariconbullet.jpegAccording to the Chesapeake Bay Program website Bay FAQ , the Chesapeake Bay is the largest of estuaries in the United States.
external image stariconbullet.jpegWhat the heck is an estuary? Go to the Glossary and find out! (hint: click the letter E!) In your own words write what it is on your worksheet.

Going back to the page About the Bay: Did You Know, fill in the following statistics:

external image stariconbullet.jpegThe Bay supports more than species of plants, fish and animals, including _ species of finfish, species of shellfish, an over _ plant species.

external image stariconbullet.jpegThe Chesapeake is a commercial and recreational resource for the more than _ million people who live in its basin. The Bay produces _ million pounds of seafood per year.

external image stariconbullet.jpegThe Bay is about _ miles long, stretching from Havre de Grace, MD to Norfolk, VA. The Bay's width ranges from 3.4 miles near Aberdeen, MD to 35 miles near the mouth of the Potomac River.
external image stariconbullet.jpegThe Chesapeake is home to species of waterfowl and is a major resting ground along the Atlantic Migratory Bird Flyway. Every year, _ million waterfowl winter in the Bay's basin.
external image stariconbullet.jpeg The Chesapeake Bay watershed includes parts of six states and the entire District of Columbia. List those 6 states on your worksheet.
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external image stariconbullet.jpegWhat is a Watershed? Where are you in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed?
If youíre a citizen of Maryland you belong to one! Read about the Watershed, scroll down to Find Your Watershed, put in your zip code then click FIND. This will tell you which parts of the watershed you belong to! List the top 3 on your worksheet.