Welcome to the MHMS Physical Education Department

Ms. Tagliaferri: Sara_Tagliaferri at @hcpss.org
Mr. Alkire: Sean_Alkire at @hcpss.org
Mr. McCoy: Alexander_McCoy at @hcpss.org

  • Students will gain an understanding on the importance of maintaining physical activity as lifelong activities.
  • Students will participate in a variety of activities that helps improve skills needed for physical activities.
  • Students will learn social skills such as cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship that can be used in all areas of life.

  • To improve MHMS students’ fitness levels measured by the Fitnessgram assessment

Materials Needed:
  • Appropriate Attire (shorts, sweat pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, SNEAKERS)
  • We do sell t-shirts and shorts for $12 each
  • Gym Locker for the entire school year is provided
  • Murray Hill PE Lock $6 - Students can only use a lock issued by MHMS

Students are awarded 5 points for every class
• 1 point for changing into and wearing appropriate attire
• 1 point for warm-up
• 2 points for participation
• 1 point for sportsmanship and safety

Additional Grades
  • In class worksheets
  • Homework
  • Projects
  • Quizzes/tests

Class Daily Routine:
  • 5 minutes to change into PE uniform
  • Attendance
  • Warm-up
  • Activities
  • 5 minutes to change before bell

What is Physical Education?
It is NOT…Organized recess
Basketball and football
Playing sports games
About winning

It is
A class that educates you on living a healthy lifestyle
A variety of activities that enhances learning
Where skills and rules are taught/improved first, games second
Increasing knowledge, being active, and learning teamwork, cooperation skills, and good sportsmanship.

Locker Room (bathroom use and water breaks)
5 minutes at the beginning and end of class will be given to change for PE. If you are late to squads, you are LATE!
- No horseplaying
- No sharing lockers
- No perfumes/cologne
We encourage the students to use the bathroom and get a drink during the provided changing times.

Excuse Policy
All students need a written note from parents stating the reason you are not to participate. If you are going to be excused for three days or more, you need to bring in a written doctor’s note in order to be excused from class. If a student submits a doctor's note, he/she must bring an additional note releasing them for physical activity. Please ask the doctor to be specific in regards to what physical activities the student cannot participate in.

1. Be prepared for class everyday (Students may only participate if they are wearing sneakers)
2. Be respectful to teachers, classmates, and equipment
3. Be responsible for your own actions
4. Do not touch equipment without permission
5. Be safe towards yourself and other students
6. No jewelry, lanyards, bracelets, or loose earrings may be worn during class. Stud earrings are permissible. This is a HCPSS policy!!!
7. Gum is not permitted in the gym.
8. Do not share lockers in locker room.
9. Do your best!
10. Have fun!

Grading Rubric

Needs improvement
Keep up the good work!
Beyond Expectation!!
1. Prepared
Did not change for class (0)
Changed for class with appropriate shoes (1)
Prepared for class everyday
2. Warm Up
Did not participate, socialize too much, not to best of their ability (0)
Completes entire warm up correctly and to the best of their ability (1)
It always ready to participate, completes warm up beyond expectations
3. Participation
Does not participate, socializing (0)
Participates sometimes, does not complete; 2 or more distractions (1)
Participates, focused, attempts to complete all work, listens to directions (2)
4. Safety and Sportsmanship
Not participating in class activities, not being respectful, no concern for self or others Negative comments toward others, misuse/abuse equipment (0)
Good attitude, uses equipment correctly, positive interaction with others, anticipates self actions (1)

There will be written assignments, homework, and tests throughout the year. Late homework will receive a zero (0).

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