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European Union Resources

Machu Picchu

Welcome to eighth grade social studies. Each quarter we will study a different area of American History.

Quarter 1- The Road to Independence
~13 Colonies
~French and Indian War
~British Colonial Policies
~Declaration of Independence
Quarter 2- Forging a New Nation
~American Revolution
~Federalist Era
Quarter 3- Growth of a Nation
~War of 1812
~Jacksonian Era
~Manifest Destiny
Quarter 4- A Union in Disunion
~Issues that led to the Civil War
~Civil War
~Consequences of the Civil War


Articles of Confederation

Who was Andrew Jackson?

Possible Quotes for the Speech Outline

History Day Resources:
Everything you need to know about NHD:

History Day topic approval


Websites for Lewis and Clark Activity

Living History Section:
PBS/Lewis and Clark

Discovering L&C:
Lewis and Clark

Going West Game:
Nat Geo Site

Journal Entries:
new journals

Website for the Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre

Website for the Boston Tea Party
Boston Tea Party

Websites for Ancient Rome Activity

Life in Rome
What was it like to live during the days of ancient Rome? You may choose whom to be in Roman society. Mark your selection on your sheet. Using the website, write your findings on the sheet in complete sentences.

Emperors of Rome
Use this website as additional information for the first worksheet. After you have completed the first worksheet, go to emperors, and play the Emperor Game.
After completing the simulation on "Emperor of Rome", complete the worksheet.